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Here is a list of our favorite links about Public Purchasing in New Jersey. We hope this list helps you in public purchasing in New Jersey. If you have suggestions about other sites to include, send email to

State of New Jersey

This is the State of New Jersey main page

Rutgers University Center for Gov't Services

Rutgers University Center for Gov't Services

Pay to Play Ordinances (State of NJ link)

Link to various ordinances

Link to County and Municipality websites in New Jersey

Various County and Municipality websites in New Jersey

Pay to Play Decision Making Tree

Decision making tree for Pay to Play

Pay to Play Election Law Enforcement Commission matters

Contribution limitations and other ELEC issues related to Pay to Play

New Jersey Higher Education Purchasing Association (

Forum for Higher Education Purchasing parties

National Association of Educational Procurement (

A portal for Education Purchasing professionals

Universal Public Procurement Certification Council (

The preeminent certification center for public procurement professionals

Department of Treasury Circular 570 (

Listing of Approved Sureties

New Jersey Local Agency Procurement Laws

Link to various Local procurement laws in NJ

Code of Federal Regulations

Link to electronic Code of Federal Regulations